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Joseph Caltabiano
2 min readAug 24, 2021


The cannabis industry has been picking up within the past decade, especially as more states have begun legalizing its use in recent years. This is a steadily growing industry for entrepreneurs to grow involved with, but with its great potential also comes strict regulations and other roadblocks that beginners should be aware of.

Understand Your State’s Regulations

When it comes to the cannabis industry, it would be too simple for each state to have the same regulations, wouldn’t it? Each state has its own laws and regulations in place, making it necessary for you to educate yourself on your state’s rules . It is important to ensure that you are updated with all the latest regulations so that your business gets off on the right path and is viewed as a legitimate business. By following these regulations properly, you’ll help keep the cannabis business thriving, as any illegal practices could shut down not only your business but others as well, should the government decide to implement stricter regulations.

Determine Your Customer’s Needs

In the cannabis industry specifically, consumers are looking for your product to solve a health-related need of theirs. As you attempt to launch your business and target specific customers, it is crucial to do some research on how they will benefit from your product and how you can best serve them. The cannabis industry certainly stands out from others in that it requires much attention towards the legal aspects, but it is equally important to serve your customers to the best of your ability, as they are the ones bringing in the money.

Find Private Investors

As you begin your business, it will be necessary to raise capital in order to fund the beginning steps of your business. However, given the industry you find yourself in, don’t be surprised if you at first have a difficult time finding individuals or banks that will be comfortable with investing in your company. Instead, seek out private investors who have a passion for the cannabis industry and believe in your company’s purpose. Especially with the rate at which the industry is growing, these individuals want a slice of the action. It is all a matter of networking with the correct individuals.

Even with all of these necessary beginning steps, it doesn’t take away from the exciting possibilities that remain within the cannabis industry. The opportunity for growth within this industry should be an exciting endeavor for any entrepreneur and inspire you to go through the necessary hoops to launch a successful cannabis business.

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Joseph Caltabiano

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