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Joseph Caltabiano
2 min readJul 14, 2022

Joe Caltabiano is a well-known figure in the cannabis industry with previous involvement in the mortgage lending industry, which gave him valuable insight into the world of finance. He also became an expert in the restructuring and debt financing industry. Currently, Caltabiano is the CEO of Choice Consolidation Corp., a special purpose acquisition company targeting an acquisition of one or more cannabis businesses or assets that can create a top cannabis multi-state operator (“MSO”).

Due to his work in the industry, Caltabiano has been able to become a prominent figure in various media outlets such as Bloomberg, CNN, Green Entrepreneur, and Marijuana Business Magazine. He is also regularly asked to speak at public events about his experiences of being an entrepreneur.

Joe Caltabiano has also been able to meet with various prominent investors in the cannabis industry, such as Eight Capital. This investment firm became involved in the industry early on and has had a successful start. His company, which is called SPAC, is focused on acquiring special-purpose acquisitions in the cannabis industry that can be used to create a leading multi-state operator (“MSO”).

Before becoming a prominent figure in the cannabis industry, Joe Caltabiano was the president of a multi-state operator called Cresco Labs. During his time with the company, he grew it from a small operation to one of the most successful operators in the country.

Before he co-founded the company Cresco Labs, Joe Caltabiano was a senior vice president at a well-known mortgage lender known as Guaranteed Rate. He was included in the top 100 loan officers in the country for over ten years. Caltabiano was able to effortlessly carry out his various responsibilities at the company, such as leading the company through multiple capital raises.

In addition to running the company’s revenue-generating activities, Caltabiano was also responsible for developing and implementing various marketing and promotional strategies for the company. One of these was the launch of the company’s new retail brand, known as Sunnyside. He also led the company’s brand-building efforts, which included establishing multiple industry-leading brands such as Remedi, High Supply Cresco, Reserve, Mindy’s Edibles, and Good News.

Joe Caltabiano’s passion for philanthropy has been unwavering since he was diagnosed with leukemia as a child. After being named Man of the Year by the Chicago Leukemia and Lymphoma Society in 2008, he was able to raise over a million dollars for the organization.

Aside from supporting various charitable organizations, Caltabiano has also helped different cancer support groups, such as the Imerman Angels. He also regularly visits the Ronald McDonald House and St. Judes Children’s Research Hospital.



Joseph Caltabiano

Joseph “Joe” Caltabiano is the Founder of JSC Fund. Prior to this role, Caltabiano co-founded Cresco Labs. Visit JoeCaltabiano.com to learn more!