Top Cannabis Product Trends for 2022

Joseph Caltabiano
2 min readApr 14, 2022

The new year brings with it new opportunities, changes, and trends. This is true in every industry, including the cannabis industry. Some of these trends will almost certainly be more positive, while other trends will reflect the changing of the times.

As cannabis legalization continues to sweep through the country, we will see more trends spearing at a rapid rate. Here are some of the most likely cannabis product trends for 2022.

Cannabis Oil

Cannabis oil is admittedly nothing new. Yet this product has been surprisingly popular and consistent for years. Part of this is likely due to the reliability and accessibility of the product itself. Likewise, new states legalizing the products helps to keep the industry on an upward incline.

There are a few different choices when it comes to cannabis oil. For example, the oil can either contain THC or CBD. The latter has become extremely popular as a way of managing chronic pain. This meets the rising demand for alternative pain management options. This demand won’t be decreasing anytime soon.


Another likely cannabis trend for 2022 would be edibles. Edibles come in many forms, including gummies and chocolates. This is a preferred method of ingestion for many users, as it doesn’t require smoking or elaborate setups.

Cannabis users can opt to buy edibles pre-made from dispensaries, or they can bake their delicacies. As with oils, one can find these products either with THC or CBD, allowing for a higher likelihood of customization. This also will enable edibles to appeal to a broader range of potential consumers.


Cannabis-infused beverages are one of the newer products on the market, yet they are already wildly popular. Not only will THC beverages likely be on the rise in the following year, but users will see creative new combinations on the shelves as well. For example, many brewers are experimenting with THC or CBD in beer, finding satisfying results in the process. In states where cannabis has been legalized, one can even purchase a THC-infused drink at their local bar.

As with both oils and edibles, cannabis beverages offer many benefits. Those who suffer from chronic pain, inflammation, and anxiety increase the demand for these products.



Joseph Caltabiano

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